Petition Nomination for 2023 India Council Chair Elect Position

IEEE India Council
Date: 22 May 2023

Interested and eligible Council members can also submit their petition nomination here ( ). With each petition nomination, we ask each candidate to submit a biography, a statement of plan, and to confirm their willingness to serve if selected.

The nomination deadline to submit all petitions and endorsements is 26 June 2023 at 10pm IST. After perusal of eligible nominations, the India Council Chair will announce the chosen Slate, and post it on the India Council website. Following there will be an election. Voting on the final candidates will be held utilizing vTools.

Petition candidates shall be required to obtain the signatures of a minimum of one percent of the voting members of the Council, with at least 10% of the signatures, coming from each constituent Section as per the MGA Operation Manual. No more than 25 signatures shall be required from each constituent Section. As of 1 April 2023 there are 18,172 eligible voting members within the India Council. Therefore, each petition candidate must receive a minimum of 182 overall number of signatures with 18 coming from each of the constituent Sections within the Council.

All petition candidates are responsible to send this link with a communication to obtain their endorsements, it shall be forwarded to potential endorsers to fill out by each petition candidate. All endorsements must be received no later than 26 June 2023 at 10pm IST. All endorsers will need to provide their information as well as the name, member ID and position of the petition candidate they are endorsing.

The Council Nomination Committee shall verify the candidate’s eligibility and willingness to serve. Candidate eligibility per the India Council Bylaws Article VI is as follows; 

  • Nominees and endorsers shall be an IEEE Member, Senior Member or Fellow and must be active IEEE members of the IEEE India Council as of 1 April 2023 and remain active in order to be eligible through the election.
  • Nominees should have at least 10 years of IEEE membership and should have held a volunteer position for at least 2 years. 
  • Past Section Chairs shall be preferred as candidates for the positions of IC Chair-Elect.
  • Nominations shall be invited from the incumbent Section Chairs. Candidates for the position of Council Chair-Elect shall be limited only to those members who are not members of Sections from which the then incumbent Chair and 2 successive immediate past Council Chairs have been drawn. The Sections from which current and 2 immediate past Chairs were drawn include – Bangalore, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh, therefore members from these Sections are not eligible to be nominated. 
  • The India Council Nomination Committee members are not eligible to petition or endorse petition candidates.

Any questions regarding the election should be directed to the 2023 India Council Nomination Committee Chair, Dr. Suresh Nair at [email protected].

IEEE India Council