M V Chauhan Student Paper Contest

M V Chauhan All India Student Paper Contest tries to bring together all IEEE Student member sof India to discuss the latest advancements and future directions in the areas of interest to IEEE. The contest invites full paper submissions from IG and PG students in all the areas of interest to IEEE inthe Engineering, Technology and Science. The winners of the contest will be invited to IEEE Indicon to present their work in a special track. Awards will be given to candidates during Annual General Meeting of IEEE India Council.  
Year Winners 
2020Call for PapersUndergraduate Category -Winner
1570652974, Siddhant Banyal, OSEPCloud: Opportunistic scenario-based Security and Privacy enhanced data forwarding framework for Cloud computing.

Undergraduate Category – Special Mention
[1570654145] O. A. Ramwala, Tonsillitis based Early Diagnosis of COVID-19 for Mass Screening using One-Shot Learning Framework.

PG Category:
1570652556, SMRITI REKHA BARUAH, Outage Analysis of DF based Mixed Hybrid Multi-hop Cooperative System
2019Call for PapersUndergraduate Category
Paper ID : 1599 : Parallel Operation of Battery Chargers in Small Satellite Electrical Power Systems;
Mallikarjun Kompella, R. Sudharshan Kaarthik, H. Priyadarshnam, Harsha Simha M.S.

Post graduate Category:
This award was shared between two paper IDs.
Paper ID 1654 : A Cellular Automata-Based Healthcare Data Encryption Technique for IoT Networks
Ritesh Kumar, Pritam Khan, Sudhir Kumar
Paper ID 1660 : A Multistage RSSI-based Scheme for Node Compromise Detection in IoT Networks
Shubham Saxena
2017Call for PapersUG Category: Anmol Sharma, Thapar University, “Quality prediction of small molecule disruptors of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential using multi-level prediction’’

PG Category:
Rajanikanta Swain from Berhampur University, “Microstrip Antenna Fed Phased Reflector Surface for Quad-Beam: A Numerical Analysis’’
2016Call for Papers1. Pratyus Pattanayak, “An Approach for Transient modeling of a PV module”, Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
University of Technology, Rourkela.
2. Debasmita Panda, “Risk Based Optimal genco’s Self-Scheduling”, Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur,
3. Allen Vivean Miranda, “An Optimized Design for Serial Registers”, The Oxford College Of Engineering.
4. Reuben Joseph, “Innovative way to increase Smartphone Battery”, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
5. Ambareesh Prakash, ‘Solving Inverse
Heat Transfer problem using Extreme Random Forest’ NITK, Surathkal.
2015Call for PapersUG Category:
Prashant Gupta, Manav Rachna College of Engineering.
‘Class-AA LED Based Portable Novel Sun Simulator’

PG Category:
1. A Mercy Latha from CSIT-CEERI entitled as ‘Asymmetric High Efficient
Multi-stage Depressed Collector for Space Applications’
2. Ponnaganti Pavanifrom IIT Kanpur, entitled as ‘Binary Genetic
Algorithm Based Reconfiguration of Distribution Systems having Distributed
2014AnnouncementDoctoral Category:
Sanket Patel, “
Design & Analysis of Low Noise Amplifier at Ku-Band”, DA-IICT Ahmadabad.

PG Category:
Dhawani Panchal, “Complex event processing for evolving cities”, SPIT Mumbai.

UG Category:
Sohum Mishra, “PiRover: A Novel Low cost Design and Implementation of remote
controlled Surveillance System”, Heritage Institute of technology, Kolkota.
2012Announcement1st Prize: Abhinav Agarwal, “Real-Time FPGA based Implementation of Fast ICA for Artifact Removal” IIT Guwahati

2nd Prize: B. Ashish Kumar, “Measurement of Bulk Charge Densities of High-K Dielectric Thin Films”, Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar.

3rd Prize:
Akhil Guliani, “The Study and Implementation of Natural User Interface using Kinect”, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi.
2013Announcement1st Prize: Neeraj Kumar Sharma, “Event-Triggered Sampling And Reconstruction Of
Sparse Real Trigonometric Polynomials”, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

2nd Prize: Gaurav Saxena, “Fabrication and Characterization of Square Micro hot plate”, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.

3rd Prize: Navjot Khaira, “A Novel High Isolation Single-Pole Four-Throw RF MEMS Switch for Xband
Applications”, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara.
2010AnnouncementUG Category:
1st Prize: Apoorv Hombali, “Monocular Depth Perception using Image Processing and Reinforcement
Learning”, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
2nd Prize: Rajasekhar Anguluri, “A Hybrid GA-ABC Based Tuning of Fractional order (FOPI) Speed Controller
for PMSM Drive”,
National Institute of Technology-Warangal.
3rd Prize: Chintan Kaur (PEC, Chandigarh) and Mahima Arrawatia (IIT Bombay), ” Over the Sea Transmission of GPS data using RF Transceivers for Fishermen Boats”.

PG Category:
1st Prize: Haricharan Aragonda, “Quadrature Approximations in R2”, IISc Bangalore
2nd Prize: Sayantan Dhar, “A Hybrid Fractal Dielectric Resonator Antenna with CPW feed for IEEE
802.11 a/b applications”, Jadhavpur University
3rd Prize: Malay Bhattacharyya, “Modeling the Co-expression Differentiability of Oncogenes”
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Call for Papers – 2017

M V Chauhan All India Student Paper Contest The M V Chauhan All India Student Paper Contest provides a big opportunity for IEEE student members to come together and discuss the latest developments and future directions in the areas of Engineering and Technology. Rules and Guidelines
  1. The contest is open to IEEE student members (from India) at UG and PG only.
  2. Original working prototype/research paper by the students shall only be submitted. The shortlisted papers will be called for presentation during INDICON 2017 and the shortlisted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore after fulfilling all the requirements of IEEE Xplore.
  3. The number of authors for any paper should not exceed three with atleast one IEEE student member.
  4. A student can be an author for more than one paper
  5. Paper should be prepared according to standard IEEE double column A4 format. For details refer https://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html
  6. Length of the paper preferably should be of four pages and should not exceed six pages.
  7. Branch counsellors are supposed to check for plagiarism and attach the following declaration form. “It is certified that the author……………… is an IEEE student member. The paper entitled ………………….is his/her own work and and eligible for the M.V. Chauhan all India student paper contest 2017”.
  8. In case, the institution does not have an IEEE student branch, this declaration should be signed either by a faculty member who is an IEEE member, or by the principal.
  9. The paper and scanned copies of supporting documents should be uploaded on https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=mvcpc2017
Important Dates: Last date of Full paper submission :    30th  September 2017 Intimation of shortlisted papers      :    15th October 2017
The prizes shall be awarded at INDICON 2017. The prizes are separately given for UG and PG students
First Rs. 12000
Second Rs. 8000
Third Rs. 5000
  For further details please contact the following members:
Prof Ramkumar J Vice Chair (Student Activities), & Chair UP Section email: [email protected] Dr Shubahngi Giripunje Sr Member IEEE [email protected]