IEEE India Council Industry Academia Young Professionals Committee (IAYPC) - 2024


IEEE India Council Industry Academia Young Professionals Committee [IAYPC] is formed for the year 2024 consisting of members from industry and academia. It is formed to streamline the Industry, Academica and Young Professionals collaboration of various sections coming under IEEE India Council. IAYPC is a dedicated body formed under the IEEE-India Council, focused on bridging the gap between industry and academia for young professionals, students, and faculty members. It aims to provide numerous opportunities for collaboration, skill development, and career enhancement, catering to the diverse needs of its members across the country. The committee plans and executes various activities in consultation with IEEE India council and various IEEE sections in India. It also acts as a central hub to support sections in fostering Industry-Academia collaboration activities, promoting innovation, and driving economic development. This year the committee envisions the following programs.


Dr. John Jose



Mr. Shone Jose

Freshers Ladder International


Dr. Chengappa Munjandira

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Dr. Ruchika Gupta

Chandigarh University


Dr. Mousiki Kar

HIT Kolkata

Joint Secretary


Mr. Libin T. T.

CDAC, Trivandrum

Mr. Souvik Basu

Qualcomm India

Ms. Debanjana Dasgupta

IBM India

Dr. Lenin Raja

EMC Test & Training Center, Bangalore

Mr. Anand Raje

India Internet Foundation

Dr. Mansi Subhedar

PHCET, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Palash Das

IIT Jodhpur

Dr. Gunjan Varshney


Dr. Harivardhagini Subhadra

CVRCE, Hyderabad

Dr. Tribeni Prasad Banerjee

BCREC, Durgapur

Dr. Elizabeth Rita Samuel

RSET, Kochi

Mr. Varun Kakar

BTKIT, Dwarahat

Mr. Sreekanth R.

SJCE, Chennai


This year, IAYPSC has outlined an ambitious plan to conduct a series of events and initiatives that foster a strong connection between the industrial sector and academic institutions. These activities include:

Organize regional Industry-Academia conclaves, bringing together industry experts, academicians, and young professionals for meaningful discussions and networking.

Conduct professional mentoring programs assigning industry mentors to students and academic mentors to young faculty, encouraging professional growth.

Launch certification courses aimed at increasing the employability of IEEE student volunteers and Young Professionals.

Arrange IEEE awareness programs in corporate houses and gather maximum presence of young professionals in pan India wide IEEE activities.

Arrange visits of industry personnel to academic campuses for invited talks, trainings, workshops, summer and winter schools, for enhancing skillset and employability of students.

To plan and execute monthly webinars by industry and academic resource persons on relevant topics for knowledge dissemination.

To streamline internships under IEEE to provide valuable hands-on experience for students and young professionals in their respective fields.

To facilitate Memorandums of Understanding and Memorandums of Cooperation with interested universities and industry houses to establish long-term partnerships.

To explore the Professor of Practice policy of AICTE with support from Industry experts, aiming to bring practical knowledge and industry experience into academia.

To conduct city wide meet up of young professionals working in industry with an aim for larger collaboration and peer group networking.

To prepare a white paper/report on state of engineering graduates to help policy makers to plan necessary course corrections for enhancing quality of employment of professionals.