Slate for the year 2024

Dear IC members,
As we approach the year 2024, it is time for us to come together as a community and shape its future by electing new leaders for the upcoming year. As per India Council by-laws, a Nomination Committee was constituted with the following members to propose a slate for the year 2024.
    1. Dr Suresh Nair, Chairman (Immediate Past IC Chair) 
    2. Prof. Bhim Singh, Member (Past Chair, Delhi Section) 
    3. Mr Puneet Mishra, Member (Past Chair, Bangalore Section) 

The nomination committee, after evaluations and deliberations has proposed the nomination slate as follows.

“The Nomination committee unanimously recommends Prof. Debabrata Das to continue as IC Chair for 2024.”
As the recommendation of the Nomination Committee concurs with Article III Section 2 of the IC by-law, the EXECOM approved the proposal, and is now published.

Looking forward to a vibrant, activity-filled, and enriching 2024 ahead.
Happy Volunteering!!! Thanks and Regards.
Sabarinath G Pillai
Secretary – IEEE India Council