As previously announced in the 2017 R10 Meet in Chiba, R10 WIE committee would like to call for proposals for WIE Support Fund 2017.

Proposals should be endorsed by Section WIE chair. In case there is no WIE chair in the Section, the section chair can also endorse and submit proposal at this time. R10 WIE strongly encourages all sections to set up this position.

Important Points to Note:

  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 20th April 2017
  • Funding eligible through this project: Up to 500 USD
  • Notification of selected proposals :  20th May 2017

IMPORTANT: Section Funds Matching Policy

IEEE Region 10 has a rule of matching fund with section. When we support an event in large section, R10 can support only equal or less than 50% of total expenses. The remaining funds will have to be supported by the section. If it is medium size, the support is up to 75%, and for small section, it is 100%.

e.g. if you are a large section proposing for a WIE activity of 200 USD, only 100 USD will be provided from IEEE Region 10 WIE committee and the remaining 100 USD should be obtained from the section or other resources as matching funds. 

Online Proposal Form 

If you have further questions, please send email to [email protected]


Jing Dong, Ph.D

​Women in Engineering Coordinator​

IEEE Region 10