Welcome to the 2023 India Council Election!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally express my sincere appreciation for you being an IEEE member!

Our duty and responsibility is to ensure that your voting rights are protected and you are confident that your vote is accurately cast and tabulated. We will utilize the vTools.Voting system for our elections. Please sign in to vote in the election.

Voting will start on 03 July 2023 09:30 PM IST and close on 17 July 2023 09:00 PM IST.

The 2023 India Council Nomination Committee has approved the slate of candidates for the 2023 IEEE India Council Chair Elect Election. Candidates are active IEEE members of the IEEE India Council and of Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member, Life Member, or Fellow grade.

Election- IEEE India Council Chair Elect 2023

The IC Chair Elect results

Dr. Prerna Gaur

Posotion: Council Chair-Elect

Dr. Rajesh Ingle

Posotion: Council Chair-Elect

Dr. Anil Roy

Posotion: Council Chair-Elect

To be eligible to vote you must be an active IEEE member of the IEEE India Council as of 1 April 2023 and be of Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member, Life Member, or Fellow grade. Once you place your vote you cannot change or withdraw your vote. Should you need assistance with vTools voting please reach out to MGA Staff by emailing [email protected].


Voting Ends In !!

17 July 2023 09:00 PM IST

Once the ballot closes, successful candidates will be notified and results shall be announced.

All candidates shall adhere to the IEEE Election and electioneering as well as the Candidates Code of Principles found below:

    IEEE Policy 13 provides guidance for event/conference organizers and editors on how election material is distributed (in person, via email, online, in publications, and in IEEE meetings/events), how presentations are to be made in IEEE meetings, and how statements for publication are to be sought and presented. This policy explains routine and non-routine non-electioneering activities of candidates in conferences, meetings, and publications, and scenarios where some candidates may hold volunteer positions that provide them with access and travel to IEEE meetings and conferences, and/or give them an opportunity to address wide audiences or present technical talks due to their volunteer responsibilities. Please keep in mind that Organizational Units shall not endorse candidates or petitioners and publish documentation that included endorsements or quote endorsements. Eligible voters will cast their vote based on informed decisions.

    IEEE Policy 14 states how IEEE mailing lists and rosters may be used by IEEE. IEEE mailing lists or other resources may not be used for individual campaign activities and they may not be provided to candidates, petitioners, or supporters for this use. IEEE encourages Organizational Units to use social media for communication, collaboration, data sharing, and content development in a manner that is consistent with IEEE’s mission and objectives. The use of IEEE social media is permitted in elections when the content informs members about the upcoming election and related processes, the views of all candidates, or other items that will appear on the ballot. The IEEE Social Media Policy (Policy 9.28) explains the use of social media to protect and enhance IEEE’s reputation and Master Brand. For the purposes of this policy, “social media” is defined as any form of electronic communications, such as websites, portals, or other digital-based applications including mobile applications that allow individuals to post and share content publicly and/or to a select group of individuals in virtual communities and networks, and that allow other individuals to view, respond to, and share this content further.


If the candidates plan to communicate their candidacy with IEEE members, please ensure that in all campaign-related communications they:

  • Do not use IEEE mailing lists for electioneering
  • Include provisions for opting out from future communications
  • Include reminders about the need of recipients to adhere to IEEE policies, especially IEEE Policy on Mailing Lists and Rosters (Section 14)
  • Avoid practices that would be interpreted by a reasonably prudent person as obtrusive or falling under the category of “spam”
  • Include the following disclaimer: “The opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinions of IEEE.

Answers to frequently asked questions are available on the IEEE Annual Election website.

Links to the above policies and references can be found below:

Election Campaign Resources

IEEE Policies

Any questions regarding the election should be directed to the 2023 India Council Nomination Committee Chair, Dr. Suresh Nair at [email protected].