IEEE Smart Tech Workshops provide participants with a unique learning experience with topics on the cutting edge of technical innovation today. These one- or two-day workshops / seminars are focusing on providing an opportunity for participants to learn first-hand from the field experts. Each workshop / seminars is a springboard to a deeper understanding of technology and its myriad applications and potential for innovation. For this purpose, each section holds various workshops/seminars every year.

If you visit IEEE Smart Tech homepage, you can see various IEEE activities and workshops (over 1,800). ( http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/mga_maw.html )
However, we can see only 2 section events that held workshops within R10 regions.

So, we’d like to promote the use of IEEE Smart Tech Homepage for each section. If you are going to hold a cutting-edge seminar in your section, please participate in this activity our PA activities. Our PA will choose three of suggested cutting-edge events and support seed money ($500) for holding the seminar.

o Timeline ;
– Deadline for submission of proposals: April 31, 2017
– Notification of selected proposals : May 15, 2017

o Eligibility to apply ;
– IEEE professional events under the supervision of Section/Council

o Proposal Content :
– Name and full contact details of the proposer (Section)
– Organizing Affinity Group of the workshops / seminars.
– Brief description and schedule of the event
– Description of how the planned activity can benefit IEEE members
– Registered records of your workshop/seminar on IEEE Smart Homepage
– Metrics to measure its success

o Reporting ;
– Report submissions after the event are compulsory and must be submitted with evaluation metrics no later than one months following the event

o Policy of Matching Fund
– Large Sections must cover at least 50% of the project cost
– Medium Sections must cover at least 25% of the project cost
– Funding for Small Sections will be taken care of entirely by Region 10
– Maximum up to USD 500 from Region 10

o Important notes ;
– Already held workshops/seminars are NOT target for support.
– We support NOT the total expense of workshops BUT seed money up to USD $500

o Please submit your brief proposal to [email protected]
o If you have any further questions, please send email to [email protected]

Best Regards,

Dr. Haewon JUNG
IEEE Region 10 Professional Activities Coordinator