Humanitarian Technology Project/Activities for IEEE R10 Sections 
Humanitarian Technology Committee encourage you to have Humanitarian Technology activities in your section and invite you to apply for funding through an on-line application, which can be accessed through the following link. 
Terms and Conditions
1.      Funding for a particular section is limited to a maximum of US$250, the remaining fund if required can be availed from IEEE Organizational Unit (OU). Since funding is limited, a selection panel will review all proposals and select few based on the quality of your proposal.
2.    Mandatory requirement: Policy of Section matching fund:
For Large Section, R10 will cover up to 50% of the total expenses
For Medium Section, R10 will cover up to 75% of the total expenses
For Small Section, and R10 will cover 100% of the total expenses
3.      Topics:
·         Community Engagement Workshop with at-least 60% attendance from community people in the event.
·         SIGHT Summit(s)
·         Workshops/Technical Sessions on topics such as Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Humanitarian Technology, Disaster Management Technologies etc. 
·         Student contests such as Solar Lamp design contest, green energy project exhibition etc. 
·         Educational Workshop for local farmers, fishermen or community people etc. 
·         Basic Health related projects for underserved communities
·         Other than mentioned above, must be prior approval from HTA Committee.
4.      Grant amount should be expensed upon
·         Project/Activity Material Costs
·         Event space/hall/location rental charges
5.      Recipient of support fund should submit activity reports and expense reports within 1 month after completion of the project(s).
6.      The selected project/activity shall be submitted detailed report to R10 Newsletter. 
7.      Timeline
·         Call for Proposals Initiated: 17th April 2017
·         Deadline for Proposals: 26th May 2017
·         Selected Project Announced: 6th  June 2017
·         Project Implementation Phase: 8th June 2017 to 27th October 2017
·         Amounts Reimbursed: By 30 November 2017
8.      Contact
Parkash Lohana
R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Coordinator