R10 Student Activities Committee (SAC) invites all Sections in Region 10 to submit proposals to organize Leadership Summit in Section.

The details of the scope of the call for proposals are in the attached file.

Scope of Proposal
The Leadership Summit aims to congregate student members of the IEEE to enable them to discuss the growth and development of IEEE student activities not only within their Section, but also within Region 10 as a whole.

The summit should include opportunities for leadership training for Student Branch leaders, SAC Chairs, SSRs & Counselors.

The summit should also include opportunities for professional development and networking through knowledge sharing from industry/academic leaders on Innovation and Empowerment theme.

Proposal Content

1. Name and full contact details of the proposer (Section)
2. List of Student Branches targeted for the event.
3. Brief description of the event
4. Description of how the planned activity can benefit student members
5. Metrics to measure its success (Number of counsellors / SAC chairs / students / sections / councils / student branches)
6. Financial support requested from R10 SAC (Please refer to Matching Fund Policy)

Terms and Conditions

· Policy of Matching Fund
o Large Sections must cover at least 50% of the project cost.
o Medium Sections must cover at least 25% of the project cost.
o Funding for Small Sections will be taken care of entirely by Region 10.
o Maximum up to USD 800. ( subject to 50% / 75% / 100% of total operational cost )
· Activity reports and expense reports of the summit should be submitted within ONE month after the completion of the project.
· The report should also appear in the R10 Newsletter.
· Upon receiving the reports, claimed fund will be reimbursed into Section’s bank account.


· Deadline of submission of proposals Mar 31, 2017
· Selection of Proposals Apr 10, 2017
· Meet Organized April-September 25, 2017
· Conclusion of the project Oct 25, 2017

Proposal Submissions
Proposal must be endorsed and submitted by Section Chair. Submissions need to be sent to [email protected]

Project Coordinators

Dr. Noor Ain Kamsani
Email: [email protected]